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And just like that, my time between jobs has evaporated. Seems like so long ago I was looking at the tail end of the year, noting that I’d left BCI and reveling in the time off. The prospect of visiting family, the holidays and the future. Now, today, I’m scanning the horizon; from a new location. Noting the differences, planning the course to follow, identifying ways to contribute. And what is it they say about location? Apparently it’s everything, right?
Snoopy back to work

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My new path will let me use everything I’ve learned in my career to help a known brand grow. I’ll be heading up evangelism, working on product, working with clients, helping plan events, writing and contributing to new-employee onboarding. In the background my SEO skills will randomly get workouts helping clients and building knowledge internally. The company is international, so there will be a bunch of travel. One of the things I have enjoyed most in my career is speaking at conferences. Being able to meet people first hand and solve problems with them and this new opportunity sees that being one of the focal points of my remit. I am grateful the company chose a title that should enable me to continue this work with influence: Vice President of Industry Insights.

I am fortunate to know people at this company from my previous life so it’ll be fun to grasp well-known hands firmly and work toward a big future goal together. The dynamic, the people and the opportunity within the space is, frankly, electric. They work with large and small clients and every person cares deeply about client success – because they know that it leads directly to our own success. No need to sugar coat this – we all know it’s true. Stand, deliver, repeat.

This company is known to many in our industry, but the plans they have are known to few. If you knew, you’d be as excited as I am! (And no, I’m not sharing.) Global scale, proven growth, realistic projections, an epic, proven leadership team whose depth extends several layer down from the top. I’ve met almost all of them and was already impressed by those I’ve previously known. The new-to-me-faces have enviable track records of success and bring proven skills to bear in their areas of responsibility. It’s going to be an exciting few years ahead, I can tell you that!

While I’ll still be based in the LA-area, the company is headquartered elsewhere. I’ll be spending more time in one of my favorite cities where I’ll get to watch the seasons change there. I’ll need to find my winter gear again! New York, please be gentle with me!

So that gives you the city.

The borough? Manhattan.

Shake Shack in Madison Sqaure Park - Manhattan, New York City

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For sure I’ll be enjoying more Shake Shack, as the original SS location is near the office. To help you geo this a bit better, think about the Flatiron Building. Think Madison Square Park. The coordinates for our actual building are  40°44′28.46″N 73°59′14.64″W.

In January of 1972 our building was entered into the National Record of Historic Properties.


Met Life Tower in New York City

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Most people know the building as the Met Life Tower, properly named the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower. And of it’s 50 stories, if you travel up about 10% of them, you’ll find us. And X marks my new spot.


Yext X logo


Yext company logo 2017

I am stoked to dig in with the teams and contribute to the growth! See you shortly NYC! #soexcited

Duane Forrester
VP, Industry Insights