My Books

Yup, I wrote some books. Two, actually. Both are still in print and were originally published by McGraw-Hill. Easiest way to find them is, of course, via Amazon.

This is my author’s page.

Book number one is How To Make Money With Your Blog.

How To Make Money With Your Blog by Duane Forrester

The title pretty much explains the focus of the book, so, ah, spoiler alert!

Book two is Turn Clicks Into Customers and is focused on not just getting visitors to your site, but also how to get them to open their wallets. Conversion optimization is very much a focus and I was fortunate to be able to include interviews with some of the biggest names in digital marketing.

Turn Clicks Into Customers by Duane Forrester

Both books have been reprinted internationally and Turn Clicks Into Customers did a brief stint on a top ten list from a financial publication in India. No idea what that says about the book, but i do know in that market it was the English language version, so I owe thanks to a whole bunch of people there for the support!

Book three is currently underway, and has been for darn near a year now…LOL. Trouble is that I keep switching the focus, then misplacing time and not writing. Typical busy-life stuff like everyone else. But I’ll get it done and promise to do my best to ensure it doesn’t suck.